Do you have a martyr’s love for Christ?

Today is the feast of the first martyrs of the Church of Rome.

This made me reflect…Do I have a martyr’s love for Christ? How do I die togoodconfession Christ everyday, even in little ways? Is my whole life a profession of my faith? In the face of persecution, do I love and stay true to Him all the more?

Read about the first martyrs of the Church of Rome here.

You Won't Believe Who Came "Home"

Catholics Come Home

More great news in our effort to bring souls home! Our Lenten 2011, Catholics Come Home® diocesan partner campaigns concluded airing several weeks ago at Easter Sunday, and the fruit has been tremendous.  Here’s a sample of what we are hearing from our diocesan partner parishes:

  • Janet Benestad, Archdiocese of Boston, "What's in Store" Segment on WBZ (CBS)“A gentleman called me the other day and he said, ‘I’ve been away from the Church a long time; I’m a baptized Catholic.  I practice the Muslim faith, and now I am coming back to the Catholic Church.’”
    –Archdiocese of Boston, MA
    (be sure to watch the video at right)
  • “I have someone take head counts and have an 8 year running history in my current parishes.  I just wanted to let you know that my Triduum celebrations and Easter weekend Masses this year were all up by +20%.  The only other thing I can attribute it to (besides my good preaching), is the Catholics Come Home program.”
    –Diocese of Winona, MN
  • A number of people during this Season of Lent who have seen the commercials have come back to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They have mentioned it and it was a moving moment for them to seek the Catholic Church again.”
    –Diocese of Winona, MN

  • “The St. Agnes Easter Sunday sunrise service attendance had a 20 percent increase in attendance.”
    –Diocese of Venice, FL

Please pray for these new Advent 2011 partners:

Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Diocese of St. Petersburg

Do you know that popular Catholic Bible teacher and Catholics Come Home® Theological Advisory Board member, Jeff Cavins, was once a fallen away Catholic (and protestant pastor for 12 years!) before he returned to the Church?  Click to watch Cavins’ personal testimony video.  Meet Jeff in person July 22-23 in Atlanta at the National Catholic Bible Conference.  Our own Katie Peterson, CCH Communications Manager, will be presenting, “Crossroads: Gen Y and God’s Word: How to Proclaim the Word of God to a Generation with a Different Dialect.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, which make airing these commercials possible! Please donate today to air ads in your community this December.  Help bring “home” a loved one.

Your Brother in Christ,

Tom Peterson and your team is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media apostolate, dedicated to producing and airing Catholic evangelism television ads on local, national and international television networks.™ is a special communications outreach project of Catholics Come Home, Inc.

From the Holy Father: Moses and Intercessory Prayer

“In fasting, Moses shows he is waiting for the gift of God’s law as a source of life: it will reveals God’s will and nourish the human heart, making him enter into a covenant with the Almighty that the source of life: it is Life itself!”

Read more here!

Can you think of more powerful examples of intercessory prayer in Scripture or in the lives of the saints?