How We Help Your Diocese

We have already partnered with over 35 archdioceses and dioceses since Lent 2008, some twice.  Our diocesan partners report that Catholics Come Home® serves as a catalyst for the New Evangelization, helping stimulate much good fruit in a diocese.  During and after Catholics Come Home® campaigns air, dioceses witness:
• a reinvigorated sense of Catholic identity among those in the pews, prompting a greater participation in the Sacrament of Confession.

• a significant increase of returnees and converts to the faith averaging a 10% rise in Mass attendance across CCH partner archdioceses and dioceses in the U.S.

•  an overwhelmingly positive press for the Catholic church and the local dioceses

•  a positive impact on volunteerism and tithing.  In Chicago they even reported a 52% increase in their annual appeal, with 1,500 new donors.  Click here to see their report.


Harnessing the power of media in the New Evangelization. It begins with strategic research …


Mass attendance increased an average of 10%.

Aired in 35 dioceses helping over 500,000 souls come home to the Church . . . so far!



Good Stewardship

Wise Counsel

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