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Our creative, catechetical television campaigns and Web sites reach millions.

Our first Catholic evangelism messages began airing on television in 1998, in preparation for the Jubilee 2000. At that time, 3,000 inactive Catholics returned to their local parishes. Today, we harness the effectiveness of television and the power of the Internet for even greater outreach to over 125 million viewers, helping hundreds of thousands to come home.

Coach Holtz

Factual Documentation


This ad emphasizes the history, beauty, spirituality and accomplishments of the Catholic Church over her 2,000-year history. It illustrates how the universal Church is comprised of all races, ages, cultures and socioeconomic levels.


Epic :120


Epic :60


Epic :30


Epic Spanish :120


Epic Spanish :60


Epic Spanish :30


Epic Portuguese :120


Epic Cantonese :30


Epic Mandarin :30


Epic Polish :120


Epic Polish :60


Epic Polish :30


Epic Castellano :120


Epic French :120


Epic French :60


Epic French :30


This reflective “Movie of Your Life” ad brings about sorrowful reflection of the bad times in our lives, as well as the joyful reliving of the good. Thankfully, we are reminded that Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save it! This commercial teaches us that it is never too late to ask for God’s forgiveness and to accept His mercy.


Movie :120


Movie :30


These mini-documentaries consist of dozens of real Catholics who share their stories of leaving the Church and the joy and peace they found upon returning home.


Testimonial Compilation 5


Testimonial Compilation 8


Testimonial Compilation 7



Distracted by the world



Had a bad experience with a priest


Dee C

Didn’t think it mattered what church she went to


Dee T

Gradually quit going to Mass



Didn’t take his faith seriously



Thought he didn’t need God


Jim D

Drifted away in high school


Jim K

Abandoned his faith



Stopped going to Mass in college



Left the Church to be with her non-Catholic boyfriend



Worked on Sundays


Ronna Jean

Drifted away during a family crisis



Was divorced and became a single parent



Heard negative stereotypes about the Church



Hadn’t really ever learned the Faith



Didn’t think religion was relevant as a teen



Felt his heart wasn’t really in his faith



Eduardo :30


Ric And Suzanna :60


Nora :60


This commercial depicts the peace and comfort, healing and mercy, hope and faith that come from Jesus and His Catholic Church. Those longing for a peaceful home are encouraged to join our Catholic Family founded by Jesus.


Home: 60


Casa: 60


Home Polski

Other Evangomercials™


Families Need Mass: 30


Families Need Mass: 60


Heavy Burdens: 30

Heavy Burdens


Heavy Burdens :30 Mix


Heavy Burdens :30 Debra


Heavy Burdens :30 Thompson


Heavy Burdens :30 Tanya


Heavy Burdens: Behind the Scenes



Eucharist :15 (Version A)


Eucharist :15 (Version B)


Eucharist :30 (Version A)


Eucharist :30 (Version B)

Santa’s Priority


Santa’s Priority (:30)


Santa’s Priority (:60)