A Supportive E-mail From Australia!

CatholicsComeHome.org Receives Wonderful Messages of Support From Around the Globe…Check-out this E-mail We Received from Jenny in Australia:

“Every time I see your ad on EWTN or look at your web site I am reduced to tears.

We are trusting that it will have the same effect on those who see it on the cards that we will be letter box dropping in Brisbane suburbs with an invitation to join us in giving glory to God.

Catholics Come Home is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

CCH Evangelization Cards

CCH Evangelization Cards

Yours in the mercy of Christ,
Brisbane, Australia”

Help invite friends and loved-ones back to the faith with ‘CCH Evangelization Cards.’

Catholics Come Home team presents in Australia!

CatholicsComeHome.org News:

This week our founder and president, Tom Peterson, and Communications Manager, Katie Peterson, are in Australia presenting the Catholics Come Home program!

Here’s a bit of what’s on the agenda this week-
Monday, Dec 14:
Dinner with Cardinal Pell, Archdiocese of Sydney.  He was host of World Youth Day 2008. (Cardinal Pell previously invited Mr. Peterson to present the keynote address in Sydney at the National Communications Conference, and Bishops’ Plenary meeting of 44 bishops in May 2009).

Catholics Come Home Evangelization planning session, sponsored by Archdiocese of Melbourne and the National Office for Evangelisation …an office of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. Will be discussing ways to localize and implement CCH ads and website to invite inactive Catholics and others in Australia to come home to the Catholic faith.

We’ll keep you posted if CCH end up going ‘down under’ at a future date! (perhaps in Melbourne in Lent 2011).  Thanks for keeping CatholicsComeHome.org in your prayers.

Remember, you are always invited to visit www.CatholicsComeHome.org to grow deeper in your faith each day!