CCH Recommends…

Looking for a great Bible study this Easter Season? Grab a group or a friend and check out The Great Adventure‘s Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom 20-Part Study. There is no better way to dive into this beautiful season than by studying the exciting early stages of the Church as she begins to spread the Good News and evangelize the world.

Also, check out Fr. Barron’s Sunday homilies from Word on Fire. His practical lessons will surely help enrich your faith this Easter Season!

Thanks to all who keep in your prayers!

Catholics Come Home recommends…

Looking to learn more about God’s Word this year? Catholics Come Home recommends these great Bible-learning resources to help you fall in love with Scripture this New Year.

The Great Adventure—This Bible study program offers materials and resources that make learning salvation history through Scripture exciting and transformative. Hundreds of thousands have grown in their Catholic Faith and understanding of God’s Word using this incredible system.

The Bible Compass, Dr. Edward Sri—This resource provides an excellent overview to reading Scripture and is the perfect “need-to-know” guide to have read in preparation for or during your Bible reading journey. We love this book here at Catholics Come Home!

Praying Scripture For A Change: An Introduction To Lectio Divina, Dr. Tim Gray—This book will help you to learn the power of praying Scripture through the process of Lectio Divina. Once you read this book, reading Scriptures will never be the same!

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