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Evangelizing Catholics by Dr. Scott Hahn!

evangelizing catholics“In this informative and dynamic presentation, Dr. Scott Hahn discusses why the New Evangelization is the greatest priority of the Church at this time, and how we are all called to share our faith. He shows how the Eucharist relates to explaining Jesus’ death and resurrection, and how Blessed John Paul II’s called for a New Evangelization must be based on the Eucharist.”

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Where is your heart as you enter Holy Week?

Have you prepared yourself to enter Holy Week? Here are some beautiful words from our Holy Father to reflect on as we approach the Easter Triduum. His comments should help you gauge where your heart is as you enter this holy time of year…

“In reality, here we discover divine justice, which is so profoundly different from its human counterpart. God has paid for us the price of the exchange in His Son, a price that is truly exorbitant. Before the justice of the Cross, man may rebel for this reveals how man is not a self-sufficient being, but in need of Another in order to realize himself fully. Conversion to Christ, believing in the Gospel, ultimately means this: to exit the illusion of self-sufficiency in order to discover and accept one’s own need – the need of others and God, the need of His forgiveness and His friendship” (Message of His Holiness Benedict XVI for Lent 2010).

Have you relied on God to transform your heart this Lent? It’s never too late to rely on His love and mercy.

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Thoughts on Lent from our Holy Fathers…

“Conversion to Christ, believing in the Gospel, ultimately means this: to exit the illusion of self-sufficiency in order to discover and accept one’s own need—the need of others and God, the need of His forgiveness and His friendship.” -Pope Benedict XVI, Lenten Message 2010

PopeBenedictXVI“In our own day, fasting seems to have lost something of its spiritual meaning, and has taken on, in a culture characterized by the search for material well-being, a therapeutic value for the care of one’s body. Fasting certainly bring benefits to physical well-being, but for believers, it is, in the first place, a ‘therapy’ to heal all that prevents them from conformity to the will of God.” -Pope Benedict XVI, Lenten Message 2009

“How should we respond to the invitation to conversion that Jesus addresses to us in this time of Lent? How can there be a serious change in our life? First of all, we must open our hearts to the penetrating call that comes to us from the Liturgy. The time of preparation for Easter is a providential gift from the Lord and a precious opportunity to draw closer to him, turning inward to listen to his promptings deep within.” -Pope John Paul II, Lenten Message 2001Pope JPII

“It is my fervent hope that believers will find this Lent a favorable time for bearing witness to the Gospel of charity in every place, since the vocation to charity is the heart of all true evangelization. To this end I invoke the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church and pray that she will accompany us on our Lenten journey.” -Pope John Paul II, Lenten Message 2003

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Feeling Bored at Mass?

Sadly, many Catholics haven’t had the opportunity to really learn what’s happening at Mass… By journeying through the parts of the Mass, we hope you will find new excitement in this joyful and meaningful celebration of our Faith every Sunday (or every day)!

Today’s Bored at Mass feature: The Opening Rites

Okay. You just finished singing the opening hymn and Mass has begun! Together, as a community of believers, everyone makes the sign of the cross. Here is what one of the Early Church Fathers had to say about the power of the sign of the cross:

“By the sign of the cross all magic ceases; all incantations are powerless; every idol is abandoned and deserted; all irrational voluptuousness is quelled; and each one looks up from earth to heaven.” –St. Athanasius (De Incarn. Verbi, t.1)

Did you know that the priest’s greeting to you that follows comes straight out of Scripture? “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all” (2 Corinthians 13:14). In another greeting, the priest says, “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 1:3). “And also with you!” we reply.

Catholics Come Home Lost & Found Tip: When the priest invokes peace upon you, take a moment to prepare yourself to receive that peace. Ask yourself if you really are in a peaceful state of mind as you begin the Mass. Offer to God anything that may be keeping you from your peacefulness. Chances are, you’ve spent all week waiting for a moment of “peace”—well, now you’ve got it!

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Welcome to Lost and Found, the official Weblog of Catholics Come Home!

We are so excited to enter the “social marketing scene,” and dialog with Catholics, converts and non-Catholics about the mysteries of the Catholic Faith.

If you’re like many others, you know that there is an overflowing amount of information about the Catholic Church that you may have never learned before. We’re here to provide you with little insights into our vast deposit of faith. Take time to stop by on a regular basis, and find all the hidden treasures of our beautiful Catholic Faith!

So what is Catholics Come Home (CCH) all about? We thought you might be interested in a brief history of the Catholics Come Home journey that brought us to where we are today…

  • 1998: CCH airs evangelization commercials in the Diocese of Phoenix. 3,000 return to the Church.
  • 2004: Catholics Come Home purchases Web domains, and, and decides to launch as a nationwide non-profit apostolate.
  • 2007: Filming begins on “Epic,” “Movie,” and “Testimonial” commercials.
  • 2008: CCH commercials undergo dial testing. Results reveal that 73 percent of former Catholics, current Catholics, non-Catholics, Protestants, and non-religious praised the commercials. 53 percent said they would be interested in returning to or checking out the Catholic Church after just one viewing of the commercial.
  • 2008: CCH Web site is launched and visited by people from all 50 states and 80 foreign countries.
  • 2008: (Lent) CCH campaign launched in the Diocese of Phoenix. 92,000 return to the Church.
  • 2008: CCH commercials shown at the Papal Mass in Washington, D.C., at the National Prayer Breakfast and on FOX News.
  • 2008: CCH awarded “Telly Awards” for “Epic” and “Movie.” Also honored with “W3 Award” for Web site Creative Excellence.
  • 2009: (Lent) Diocese of Corpus Christi, Texas launches bilingual CCH campaign. Mass attendance increases by 17.7 percent.
  • 2009: CCH wins “Communicator Awards” for “Movie” and “Epic.”
  • 2009: CCH honored with “Best Practices Award” by the National Leadership Roundtable.
  • 2009: CCH launches new, expanded Web site in preparation for Advent campaigns.
  • 2009: (Advent) CCH to launch campaigns in Dioceses of Sacramento (Stockton, Chico-Redding), Colorado Springs (Pueblo), Omaha, Lincoln, Chicago, Rockford, Joliette, and Providence.
  • 2010: (Lent) CCH to launch in Seattle and Green Bay.

Have you had time to check out our new Web site? If you haven’t…you should! You can learn more about Catholics Come Home and discover many more treasures of the Catholic Faith!