How did the Stations of the Cross Begin?

It’s the Lenten Season, and with it comes special devotions…like the Stations of the Cross.

Do you know the origin of the Stations? Learn more about it here.

Perhaps you can make a commitment to praying the Stations of the Cross this Lent. Check with your local parish too, as many churches pray the Stations of the Cross together on Fridays!

Touched by CCH Commercials!

“I was at work one day last week, and a colleague who knows that I am Catholic stopped by to talk. He said he had heard the Catholics Come Home commercial on TV. I was so excited to know that someone I knew was touched by those commercials.

“If we can bring one person back to the Church, then it will have been worthwhile. I am very proud to be a Catholic, and to know that my Church is working hard to bring those that have left the Church back home. I will continue to encourage him to seek answers to his questions at his parish through Catholics Come Home.”

-Mary from Georgia