Solemnity of All Saints and All Souls!

Happy All Saints (today) and All Souls (tomorrow)! On November 1 and 2, the Church celebrates these feasts, remembering the saints in heaven and all the faithful departed.

What are the origins of these feast days? Find out here!

Take a moment today to celebrate the lives of the saints, by learning about them and praying to them. Perhaps you can pick a few saints to focus on with your family today. Then, tomorrow, make sure to take time to pray for your relatives and friends who have passed away and for all the souls in Purgatory.

Happy Feast Day!

Feast of All Souls

“If we had no care for the dead, we would not be in the habit of praying for them.” -St. Augustine

Today is the Solemnity of All Souls, during which we remember to pray for the faithful departed, for all the holy souls in Purgatory. Do you know the origin of  this feast day (and the origin of the Solemnity of All Saints)? Read this article by Fr. William Saunders to understand more clearly these holy days we celebrate this week.

“Let us help and commemorate them. If Job’s sons were purified by their father’s sacrifice, why would we doubt that our offerings for the dead bring them some consolation? Let us not hesitate to help those who have died and to offer our prayers for them.” -St. John Chrysostom