Best People We Know Radio Show with CCH Founder Tom Peterson

Check out the radio program, Sharing Spiritual Strength, with guest Tom Peterson. Tom discusses his life as a successful business executive before a conversion that led him to downsize and simplify and begin his Catholic apostolate. Learn how the Catholic Faith can bring peace and purpose to your life!

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Need a place to go to find out whether a new movie is worth seeing? Steven Greydanus reviews films through the lens of faith to help guide Catholics toward movies with wholesome themes and messages.

Check out his website, Steven is often a guest on Catholic Answers Live radio, too!


CCH Recommends…

Looking to grow in the knowledge of your Catholic faith this Lent?

Check out Catholic Answers Live podcasts! You will learn so much about how to defend your faith by listening to the apologetic topics. The Catholic Answers Live program helps you stay informed of Catholic news and ways to grow in your spirituality.

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