September 11, 2012– Atlanta (Roswell), GA—While a new report shows rising hostility against Christians in America, airs hopeful and faith-filled television messages to combat this increasing prejudice against God and people of faith.

As the Year of Faith is set to begin in the Catholic Church, continues to combat the attempts by secular groups to censor and silence the voice of Christians in America.   “ proclaims the good news of Jesus and His Church, by using mainstream media to remind people of the hope that Christianity offers our wounded world,” said Tom Peterson, Founder and President of Catholics Come Home®.

A new report by the Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute describes a growing display of hostility against Christians in the U.S. over the last decade, with secular groups trying to force Christians to leave their faith out of the public square.

The recent surveys from Family Research Council and Liberty Institute cited specific occurrences of Christian persecution.  Instances included:  A public school forcing a valedictorian in Iowa to edit out his thanks to God for his academic success;  A Boys and Girls Club in Florida telling an 8-year-old girl she could not sing “Kum Ba Yah” because it contained the lyrics “Oh, Lord;” and a Manhattan Hospital forcing a nurse to participate in a late-term abortion procedure against her religious beliefs, threatening her with job termination and loss of license. evangelization commercials represent a proud and significant voice of hope for Catholics and all Christians in the public square. They are messages for the New Evangelization, aimed at a culture in dire need of faith in God. “Catholics Come Home® is  bringing light into the darkness through our evangomercialsTM,” Peterson said. “We will not back away from the public arena.  Now, more than ever, Christians are called to live and share their faith in Jesus Christ.”


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Freedom for all!

Today we celebrate our country’s independence. What a blessing it is for Americans to have the freedoms we have. As American Catholics, we must also ensure that we have religious liberty! Today marks the end of the Fortnight for Freedom, called for by the US Bishops to raise awareness, education, prayer, and action for the protection of religious freedom in our country. Please continue to stay informed, tell others, and take action to preserve respect for our Catholic faith in America.

Click here to read Archbishop Chaput’s “Repair My House: Renewing the Roots of Religious Liberty.”

“Religious freedom is a cornerstone of the American experience.” -Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M, Cap.


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