Tom Peterson Inspires Young Adults at Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston's "Cafe' Catholica"

Catholics Come Home® Founder and President, Tom Peterson, traveled to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston this week to speak to over 600 young adults attending a vibrant summer series called “Cafe’ Catholica.”   Peterson’s talk, entitled, “ChristVille (Calling Catholics Home, Calling Catholic Heroes)” encouraged attendees to confidently live out the unique and specific “mission” to which Christ is calling him/her.  “By living out Christ’s calling for your life, you become a Catholic hero in a time when our world desperately needs Catholic heroes to lead the way.”  Peterson shared his personal testimony of how God called him to “downsize and simplify” his life from his secular media career which had lead him down the road of materialism.  Once Peterson responded in obedience, God called him to a great adventure using his background and experience in media to evangelize the culture through founding and not-for-profit media apostolates.

A young adult gentleman in attendance, Daniel, shared at the event that the Catholics Come Home® “Epic” commercial played a part in his faith journey, ultimately which lead to his converting from his Evangelical Protestant background to becoming Catholic.

Welcome Home, Daniel!

Calling our young adults home, too!

A new Knights of Columbus/Marist poll reminds Catholics of the strong need to reach out to the young adult community to combat cultural relativism.

“It is very important for the Church to understand the outlook of the next generation of adult Catholics,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, in Rome for meetings at the Vatican. “Catholic Millennials support Church teaching in a wide variety of areas, including contentious issues like abortion and euthanasia. In other areas, the cultural relativism that Pope Benedict XVI has spoken so much about is very evident, and it confirms the wisdom of his attention to this question as central to the New Evangelization.”

 Read the full poll here: New Survey of Young Catholics Shows Promise and Challenges for Catholic Church.

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