An Inspiring E-mail We Received In Response To: "Evangelization at 30,000 feet"

We received this inspiring message in response to the e-mail we sent out earlier this week about Tom Peterson’s ‘Evangelization at 30,000 feet’ where God used him to help a flight attendant find her way back to the Church:

“The timing of your letter could not be any better.  About a year or so ago, our parish partnered with a neighboring parish in a program we call ‘Catholics Welcome Home.’  At first , we thought we would get flooded with Catholics coming back, but we quickly found out God does not work that way.  Last winter an 83 year old lady came to our program.  She could not believe we took time to go to the chapel to pray with her.  She is now in a prayer group and comes to Mass on a regular basis.

You timing is right because we have a meeting this evening and I plan to read your letter to the team.  Thank you for your letter. – Joel”

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