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Trustful Surrender to God
The Making of Santa’s Priority

Evangelization Training Videos

We have created some great educational videos on evangelism and Church education.

Evangelization Resources
Frustration Over Scandals
How to Bring Someone Home
Using Social Media to Evangelize
Importance of the Sacraments
Becoming a More Effective Evangelist


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Catholic Educational Spots

The Eucharist
The Internet


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TV Series Episodes

Each episode of Catholics Come Home features an interview with someone who recently returned to Jesus and the Catholic Church as a result of Catholics Come Home and responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. Guests include former atheists, agnostics, Protestant Christians, and fallen-away Catholics who came home.

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Episode 1: Journey Back to the Catholic Faith

Dr. Gloria Sampson, a 74 year old linguistics professor who taught in Communist China. After living as an atheist for 52 years, witness her amazing homecoming to the Catholic Church. Filmed on location in Vancouver, Canada.

Episode 2: Agnostic to Evangelist

Oscar Cavazos, a 33 year old culinary chef and owner of a Mexican restaurant. After 17 years living as an agostic, discover how this father of three came home to his Catholic faith. Filmed on location in Dallas, Texas.

Episode 3: Personal Relationship with Jesus

Lydia Clark, a 22 year old college student and daughter of a Presbyterian pastor. Discover why she converted to Catholicism, and how she helped her fiancée home to the Catholic Church. Filmed on location in Providence, Rhode Island.

Episode 4: Loneliness and Suffering

Thomas Manns, a 45 year old accounting clerk, who lived as a hermit and agnostic for nearly 25 years. Witness his transformation and return to the Catholic Church. Filmed on location in Westminster, British Columbia.

Episode 5: Healing

Devin Jones, a 36 year old automotive delivery trainer, who left the Church during the priest scandals. Discover how she returned to the Sacraments and her Catholic faith. Filmed on location in Denver, Colorado.

Episode 6: Faith and Reason

Harrison Garlick, a 27 year old law student and convert from prosperity Protestantism. Find out why this new father attended Ave Maria University as a Protestant, and then how he converted to the Catholic faith. Filmed on location in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Episode 7: Our Church Family

Mary Annthipie-Bane, a 47 year old mother and preschool teacher. Shortly after converting and marrying in the Catholic Church, she and her husband church hopped for years. Find out what prompted their family of five to return to the sacramental church. Filmed on location in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

Episode 8: Call to Discipline

Chris Ahrens, a 44 year old former Marine and firefighter. Discover what helped this father return to his Catholic faith. and attend the Latin Mass. Filmed on location in Denton, Texas.

Episode 9: One Nation Under God

Shirley and Tom Hill, a farming couple in their 60s, living outside St. Louis. Discover how Shirley returned to the Catholic Church after being away almost 40 years, and how her husband converted recently. Filmed on location in Farmington, Missouri.

Episode 10: Church is Our Home

Daniel Bui, the 27 year old son of Vietnamese Buddhist converts to Protestantism. Find out why this Houston area high school history teacher converted to Catholicism while at the University of Texas at Austin. Filmed on location in Austin, Texas.

Episode 11: Falling in Love

Madge Winch, a 64 year old quilt-making grandmother of five, once served as deputy sheriff carrying a 357 Magnum. Discover what helped her and her family return to the Catholic Church, and what prompted her husband to convert to Catholicism. Filmed on location in Bonne Terre, Missouri.

Episode 12: Slippery Slope

Michael Mark, a 50 year old former drug addict and dealer from Chinatown. Witness his incredible transformation, that brought him and his 90 year old father home to their Catholic Church family. Learn how God then called Michael to serve the homeless in a men’s hospice. Filmed on location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Episode 13: Be Not Afraid

Susan Masi, a 71 year old baker and clerk at a pet bakery. Find out what helped this divorced Catholic find her way back home to the Catholic Church. Filmed on location in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.


Spiritual Leadership Workshops

Watch brief workshops with practical ways to serve as a spiritual leader.

Be a Student & Teacher of the Faith
Two Different Cultures
Serve with Joy
Cultivating Peace
Mission of the Family & the Church
Suffering with Purpose
Your Domestic Church
Placing Everything in God’s Hands
Grow in Virtue
Strong Marriages

Teaching Segments

Season 3 of the Teaching Segments Series

Souza Teaching
Gregory Teaching
Gregory Teaching
Ahrens Teaching
Sy Teaching
Gore Teaching
Blackstone Teaching
Roman Teaching
Behrens Teaching
Stewart Teaching

Peeps From Sheep

Evangelization Videos For Children.

White as Wool
Ash Wednesday
New Year, new ewe

Behind the Scenes

Get a behind the scenes look at our productions.

Heavy Burdens: Behind the Scenes

CCH Book Spots 2015

Learn about Tom Peterson’s book “Catholics Come Home – God’s Extraordinary Plan For Your Life” (available for purchase here ).

Shirley and Tom
Mage and Gene

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