Catholics Come Home TV Series Season 3

Each episode of Catholics Come Home features an interview with someone who recently returned to Jesus and the Catholic Church as a result of Catholics Come Home and responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. Guests include former atheists, agnostics, Protestant Christians, and fallen-away Catholics who came home.

Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1: Questioning Catholic Rediscovers Catholicism

Tina Gregory, a Director of Communications from Northern California, who grew up with an agnostic father and Catholic mother. Despite her 12 years of Catholic education, she had no relationship with Jesus, and lived for herself. See how her live would change for the better through God’s grace.

Episode 2: Disarmed By Truth, Led to Love

Tyler Lynch, a 25 year old grad student, who, as a faithful evangelical, felt Catholicism was dead. But during his theological scripture studies, his preconceived biases were challenged, and in search for Truth, studied his way into the Catholic faith!

Episode 3: Finding Mercy at Rock Bottom

Dr. Bernie Sy, a primary care physician, specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics, from Nashville Tennessee. Despite being married with four children, this doctor had an affair and nearly lost his marriage and family. But then, we will see how God’s mercy and grace led him out of depression and home to reconciliation with God, his family and the Church.

Episode 4: Pure Love Brings Police Officer Home

Scott Blackstone, a 55 year old former Auburn police officer, who now lives in Gadsden Alabama. He spent much of his life as a self proclaimed “Catholic in name only”. But this married father of three, found his way back to his Catholic roots after the birth of a special needs son and his parent’s passing.

Episode 5: Our Catholic Family Embraces You

Amy Gore, a 45 year old manager of quality assurance, for a food company in Oregon. After an unplanned teen pregnancy, she felt abandoned by those close to her, and left her Catholic faith. Following marriage, another child, and divorce, her life felt directionless. But, she returned to her Catholic faith, and has authored a book to help other victims of domestic violence, to find healing and forgiveness.

Episode 6: Mr. Universe Returns to the Faith

Mick Souza, 55 year old bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe from Newport Rhode Island, who lost his parents early in life and ended up drifting far away from his Catholic faith.

Episode 7: Flight Attendant Comes Home After 49 Years

Adair Ahrens, a 69 year old retired flight attendant from Texas, who returned to her Catholic faith after being away for many years. After marrying a non religious man, and abandoning her Catholic faith, she returned to her Catholic roots following her own son’s return.

Episode 8: Great Grandma Rediscovers Church Family

Judy Behrens, a 77 year old great grandmother and in home caregiver for the elderly, from Conway Arkansas. While she was raised Catholic, she eventually gave up on church during college, and after marrying a non Catholic. 20 years later she divorced. But after counting her blessings and being thankful to God, she returned to her faith through the Confessional, after being away for 50 years!

Episode 9: Hispanic Media Executive Rediscovers Faith

Chris Roman, a 61 year old Hispanic television executive who lived in 10 cities before settling in Las Vegas. Despite his Catholic upbringing, today’s guest lived life in the fast lane, before finally marrying in the Church at age 59.

Episode 10: Protestant Converts to Byzantine Catholicism

Remington Stewart, a 29 year old from Indianapolis, who works for a major online marketing company. As a young child, he grew up in a non practicing Protestant home and wanted nothing to do with religion by his teen years, and fell prey to addictions. But this young man’s life would soon change in a major way, thanks to God’s grace!

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