Catholics Come Home TV Series Season 2

Each episode of Catholics Come Home features an interview with someone who recently returned to Jesus and the Catholic Church as a result of Catholics Come Home and responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. Guests include former atheists, agnostics, Protestant Christians, and fallen-away Catholics who came home.

Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1: From Atheist to Devout Catholic

US Army Counterintelligence Director, Tony Devlin, a 57 year old grandfather from Carlisle PA, who started as a cradle Catholic. After drifting into alternative Eastern Religions, Agnosticism, and Atheism, discover what helped him return to a devout Catholic life, for good.

Episode 2: Wall Street New Agers Become Catholic

Paul and Celia Donlon, a New York City couple whose search for meaning and purpose in life, led them into the Catholic Church and a Sacramental Marriage.

Episode 3: Business President Rediscovers Catholicism

Bill Broich, a highly successful West Coast business president who left his faith during the priest’s scandal. Discover why he returned to Catholicism, and how his passion for the faith is helping others to come home too!

Episode 4: Agnostic Researches His Way to Catholicism

Tom Henderson, a 36 year old city councilman and finance manager at the Cleveland Clinic. Learn how this former anti-Catholic began an intellectual journey into the Catholic Church.

Episode 5: Jewish Convert to Catholicism

Beth Crogan, a divorced mother of two who was raised in a non-religious Jewish home, but converted to Catholicism later in life.

Episode 6: Young Father and His Family Convert

Jason Staas, a 30 year old insurance agent with 6 children. After spending years as an inactive Presbyterian, witness his amazing homecoming to Jesus and the Catholic faith.

Episode 7: From Hedonism to Catholicism

Joseph Miller, a 43 year old, former firefighter from St. Louis, who abandoned a life of pursuing selfish pleasures, to focus on Jesus and evangelizing others.

Episode 8: Divorced Catholic Returns After 27 Years

Margaret Yucas, a 56 year old accountant from Western Pennsylvania, who left the Catholic Church after her divorce. She didn’t know how to come home, until she witnessed a national television invitation.

Episode 9: TSA Trainer Converts Upon Return from Europe

Rick Strickland, a non-practicing Texas Baptist convert to the Catholic faith, who has since helped seven family members and friends come home to the Church.

Episode 10: Atheist, Convert, and Revert in One

Rob Bohall, a 45 year old university librarian, runner, and father of four from Oregon, who began as Atheist, then Catholic, then Methodist, and now home for good to Catholicism!

Episode 11: Vatican 1 Catholic Returns After 46 Years

Susan Trice, a 65 year old Maryland art teacher. Discover Susan’s journey through various Protestant churches, and what helped her return to her Catholic faith, after being away for nearly a half century!

Episode 12: Occasional Catholic has Epiphany of Faith

Russ Niedzwiecki, a 52 year old forklift trainer and magician from Rockford MI, who had an awakening of faith in 2011, thanks to the Divine Mercy of Jesus and Catholics Come Home.

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