Catholics Come Home TV Series Season 6

Each episode of Catholics Come Home features an interview with someone who recently returned to Jesus and the Catholic Church as a result of Catholics Come Home and responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. Guests include former atheists, agnostics, Protestant Christians, and fallen-away Catholics who came home.

Season 6 Episodes

Episode 1: Mike and Laurie Carlton

Couple overcomes challenge, now cheerleads for stronger Catholic marriages. Discover how the Holy Spirit transformed the Carltons independent challenges into a holy plan for a healthy marriage and family. Hear how the near death of their son solidified their prayer life and trust in God.

Episode 2: Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Fundamentalist scholar becomes Catholic priest and renown author. Meet Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a famous Catholic author and teacher who once attended Bob Jones University, a hotbed of anti-Catholic fundamentalism. First an Anglican priest serving in England, Fr. Longenecker now pastors a traditional Catholic parish in Greenville, South Carolina.

Episode 3: Brenda Sharman

Top fashion model leaves secular life behind to be a model Catholic. Hear how Brenda left her worldly life behind, and now leads young women into a modest lifestyle, with authentic Catholic teachings through her Pure Fashion apostolate.

Episode 4: Fr. Mark White

Prodigal son becomes a holy priest. While in a protestant seminary, Mark knew he was missing his true calling to the Catholic priesthood. He came home, with the help of his convert sister.

Episode 5: Audrey and Gabe Hall

Couple discovers Catholic truth together. This young couple served in ministry, while seeking God’s perfect will for their lives. Learn how that quest led them into the Catholic faith and a family centered on the Lord.

Episode 6: Fr. Martin Conner

Unfulfilled by the world…now filled with Christ as a priest. This young party boy sought all the typical pleasures of the world in his youth. But like St. Augustine, he said “yes” to God and filled that longing for happiness with Christ. Now, Fr. Conner is a devout Catholic priest, leading souls to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Episode 7: Joe O’Farrell

A pro-lifer helped save my soul. Once a trusted advisor to a liberal political regime, Joe could no longer live a life of duplicity and came home to his Catholic pro life roots. Now, Joe serves God through pro life and Catholic apostolates.

Episode 9: Deacon Jack Herndon

Secularist convert and revert becomes devout Catholic deacon. While in the armed services, Jack found God. But when life got in the way, Jack drifted in and out of different faith communities until discovering his true calling as a Catholic deacon.

Episode 10: David McCullough

Southern Protestant finds true home in Catholicism. David would often speak to his protestant mother about his discoveries in the Catholic faith. Eventually, he received her blessing and came home to the Catholic faith and helps lead his family closer to Jesus.

Episode 11: Sarah Landman

Goodbye Broadway, hello faith! This midwestern girl had a real talent for singing and acting. She pursued her dream career in New York on Broadway, but discovered a higher calling by moving home to pursue a life of authentic faith and to start a family. See how God blessed her beyond her dreams.

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