Catholics Come Home TV Series Season 5

Each episode of Catholics Come Home features an interview with someone who recently returned to Jesus and the Catholic Church as a result of Catholics Come Home and responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. Guests include former atheists, agnostics, Protestant Christians, and fallen-away Catholics who came home.

Season 5 Episodes

Episode 1: Troubled Teen Finds True Love in Christ

Tracey Beals, a young woman who was raised by a Catholic mom and Protestant dad. During the drama of teen years, our guest admitted she didn’t know God, and made some tragic life choices. Ignoring the Holy Spirit, our guest entered and ended a dangerous marriage, before finally beginning her faith journey home to God and becoming active in the Catholic faith.

Episode 2: Southern Rebel Becomes Famous Catholic Author

Dr. Paul Thigpen, a former Presbyterian, raised in Savannah during the 60’s, and was intellectually defiant about practicing faith. Our guest came to believe in the devil, before he believed in God during this age of aquarius. But over time, he would return to his protestant roots, first as a Presbyterian, then Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, independent charismatic, and eventually Catholic.

Episode 3: Friends Convert Together

Amanda Hailey and Betsy Orr, two longtime friends, now in their mid-50s, who began their faith journey as mainstream Protestants. Both of these career women were also mothers raising families. One mom was a commercial real estate executive, the other in public relations. Early in life, each of their faith journeys had peaks and valleys, but just as they deepened their friendship, their exploration of faith began to deepen, as well. Soon, these two women made a huge discovery while on a silent retreat one weekend.

Episode 4: From Business Exec to Catholic Priest

Fr. Gregory West, a man from Charleston, South Carolina, who was raised Catholic, in a heavily Protestant south. His father was a tugboat captain. While an altar server in his youth, our guest drifted from his Catholic faith during high school. After college, our guest excelled in business as a customs broker. Despite living a wealthy yuppie lifestyle, our guest felt empty inside since he never went to Mass. But God didn’t give up on him, and his adventure of faith began with an exciting new chapter!

Episode 5: Atheist Becomes Catholic Priest

Fr. Augustine Tran, a man who was born in Vietnam, baptized Catholic, but not raised in a home with strong faith. After moving to the US, this young man attended Catholic high school and The University of Notre Dame, but considered himself an atheist. While pursuing his Masters degree in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech, our guest began to experience the call of the Holy Spirit in a very unusual way. Soon, our guest not only renounced atheism and became a Catholic in full communion with the Church, but also pursued a priestly vocation!

Episode 6: Special Needs, Special Graces

Michael and Donna Barton, a married couple. He was raised Catholic in Atlanta, but fell way from his faith as a senior in high school. She was a practicing Presbyterian, who grew up in Detroit. Later in life, this Insurance executive and VP of Human Resources would meet on a blind date, and begin an amazing adventure with God, together.

Episode 7: From Recovery to Loving Service

Clint Stonebraker, a cradle Catholic, who was raised in Memphis Tennessee. His parents divorced when he was 13, and he soon began to medicate with drugs and alcohol, dropping out of high school at age 16. But at age 18, our guest entered recovery and began his faith journey back to God, and eventually home to his Catholic faith.

Episode 8: Finding Healing

Bill Brust, a man who was born in Long Island, raised Catholic, and served as an altar boy till age 13. But growing up with a verbally abusive alcoholic father, our guest eventually left his faith and turned to alcohol, as well. After receiving an ultimatum from his wife, and the help of AA, our guest fully surrendered his life to Christ, found sobriety, and returned to his Catholic faith.

Episode 9: From Apathy to Heroic Faith

Fr. Henry Atem a cradle Catholic, who was born and raised in Cameroon Africa. After moving to the US, this young man drifted away from Church. While working at a gas station convenience store during his university years, our lapsed Catholic met a holy priest who helped him home to his Catholic faith, and a priestly vocation!

Episode 10: Jewish Comedian Finds Hope in Catholicism

Josh Harris, a young TV comedy writer and stand-up comedian, who was raised in a Jewish home, and lived for a time in Los Angeles. Following a difficult experience in childhood, our guest battled drug, alcohol, and pornography addictions. But upon fully surrendering his life to Jesus, he finally found great hope and peace. Soon, the Blessed Mother would lead this young man into her loving arms and home to the Catholic Church.

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