December 3, 2012– Atlanta (Roswell), GA—While the “war on Christmas” rears its ugly head once again in our secular culture this Advent, Catholics Come Home® continues to combat the attempts by secular groups to censor and silence the voice of Christians in America.  “CatholicsComeHome.org proclaims the good news of Jesus and His Church, by using mainstream media to remind people of the hope that Christianity offers our wounded world,” said Tom Peterson, Founder and President of Catholics Come Home®.

The mainstream media in Cincinnati, site of the latest Catholics Come Home® diocesan partner initiative, appears to be fully embracing this outreach of the New Evangelization.
With over 3,000 evangomercials airing in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Lima covering the tri-state area (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky) this December and January, it will be hard to miss these inviting messages calling families home to Jesus and His Church.

Catholics Come Home® is simultaneously airing its first international campaign in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, B.C., where 41% of the population has no faith, which is reflected in the following media coverage.
This Advent, some CCH diocesan partners (New Orleans, Colorado Springs, Venice FL) will also air a second media campaign to keep up the momentum of the New Evangelization.

CatholicsComeHome.org evangomercials represent a proud and significant voice of hope for Catholics and all Christians in the public square. They are messages for the New Evangelization, aimed at a culture in dire need of faith in God. “Catholics Come Home® is  bringing light into the darkness through our evangomercials ,” Peterson said. “We will not back away from the public arena.  Now, more than ever, Christians are called to live and share their faith in Jesus Christ.”

A first-time ever national primetime Catholics Come Home® TV ad campaign aired across the United States in English and Spanish (www.CatolicosRegresen.org) during the 2011 Christmas season.  This national campaign reached over 125 million television viewers an average of 9.7 times during the three-week campaign.


To receive a copy of the ad for media broadcast or to schedule an interview with Tom Peterson, President and Founder of Catholics Come Home®, please contact  spokesperson@catholicscomehome.org.

CatholicsComeHome.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media apostolate, dedicated to producing and airing Catholic evangelism television ads on local, national and international television networks.  Catholics Come Home® is guided by a 30 person Advisory Board, including Cardinal Seán O’Malley, Bishop James Conley, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Bishop Michael Sheridan, Bishop Jaime Soto, and other highly respected theologians and Catholic business executives.

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