Amazing Testimonial – Agnostic Teen Returns to Mass

Polish Language Catholics Come Home Ads Bring Chicago Teen Home to Church
“I’m 17 and I was always a Catholic but I started moving further away from the faith throughout the last year and a half. The commercial could not have come at a better time. I was slowly headed for agnosticism, but when I saw the commercial, I couldn’t help feel a small burst of happiness, and I do every time I see it.  It has been a great benefit to my faith and many others.  In my ancestral homeland of Poland, many people saw the Polish language commercial and received it very positively, again at a very good time, given the fact that the Church was sadly headed for decline in Poland as it already had throughout much of Europe. I’m hoping the Catholics Come Home movement will continue to make efforts in the U.S., Latin America, and in many of the secular, traditionally Catholic countries of Europe such as France.” –Richie