Fiscally Responsible

The early months of 2012 culminated with our first-ever, historic national Catholic evangelization campaign, airing on major television networks (NBC, CBS, Univision, major cable networks, etc…), reaching 125 million viewers over 10 times each according to Nielson ratings! This national effort, complimented our numerous and ongoing regional diocesan evangelization campaigns. Given this widespread attention generated during our National Evangelization Campaign, our Board discerned that a voluntary independent audit would be a wise investment. The audit was performed by the respected national team of Capin Crouse, LLP, and completed in August 2012. We are pleased to announce that our entire financial system : financial reports which included consideration of our internal controls over our financial systems received the most favorable opinion.

Good Stewardship

For diocesan partner campaigns, nearly 100% of local funds raised are used as a direct investment into their local media. However, the pie chart below represents the overall financial stewardship of Catholics Come Home® as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. As you can see, 96% of each dollar donated to CCH funds programs (i.e. the creation and airing of CCH evangelization ads); 3% funds administration and utilities; and only 1% is invested in marketing and fundraising. Experts say that in comparison to other charitable organizations across the world, Catholics Come Home® exhibits stellar stewardship and very efficient management of resources. CCH is committed to being a faithful steward of each dollar donated.

Wise Counsel

Catholics Come Home® is guided by a 26 person Advisory Board, including Bishop James Conley, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Bishop Michael Sheridan, Bishop Jaime Soto, and other highly respected lay theologians and Catholic business executives.

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