What Do You Need to Be a Partner Diocese?

• A collaborative, enthusiastic zeal for the “new evangelization” • Support from your Bishop, Presbyteral Council, Evangelization Directors, and Parishes (pastors, D.R.E.s, and receptionists) to insure that returning Catholics and convert candidates are welcomed, wanted, and helped. • Broadcast television signals within your diocese. If your broadcast TV signal comes from a neighboring diocese, working in conjunction with that diocese is often beneficial to both dioceses. • Collaboration from your Development Director and Stewardship team to insure broadcast media fundraising goals are met, in a timely manner. Each diocese agrees to a fundraising amount and timetable, based on media costs, and reach and frequency goals, for airing in your TV market(s). Catholics Come Home, Inc. does not directly charge any fees for the use of our commercials, websites, research, training, management, etc…However, we do ask each diocese to help our non-profit apostolate to cover expenses related to modest travel involved in training, and fundraising events on your behalf, in your diocese. We work to minimize these expenses, so they are as low as possible.

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