Real Stories

Take some time to view these powerful, real stories from former fallen-away Catholics who have come home to the Catholic Church. They testify about how the world and other life situations drew them away from their faith, but by God’s grace, they felt a tug at their heart inviting them home to their family in the Church. We hope that their stories will encourage you, and will serve as your own personal invitation to come back to the Catholic Church. Jesus and your fellow Catholic brothers and sisters are waiting with open arms to welcome you home!

Real People, Real Stories

Distracted by the world.
Had a bad experience with a priest.
Dee C
Didn’t think it mattered what church she went to.
Dee T
Gradually quit going to Mass.
Didn’t take his faith seriously.
Thought he didn’t need God.
Jim D
Drifted away in high school.
Jim K
Abandoned his faith.
Stopped going to Mass in college.
Left the Church to be with her non-Catholic boyfriend.
Worked on Sundays.
Ronna Jean
Drifted away during a family crisis.
Was divorced and became a single parent.
Heard negative stereotypes about the Church.
Hadn’t really ever learned the Faith.
Didn’t think religion was relevant as a teen.
Felt his heart wasn’t really in his faith.
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Nora :60
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