You hit it out of the park.  Our President, Kent Hayden said you were the best speaker we ever had! God Bless you in the important work you are doing for our Church”.

Michael W. Caspino, Orange Coast (March, 2014)

Tom Peterson spoke at our Boston Catholic Men’s Conference and at our Boston Catholic Women’s Conference. Attendees (6,000) raved about the commercials, as well as Tom’s presentation. Tom was a pleasure to work with as we prepared for the Conference and an excellent speaker/presenter. I recommend him as a speaker for other Catholic events. He did extremely well in both the large Conference setting as well in smaller sessions. Here are some of the verbatim comments about Tom’s presentation: You are a “natural” …you gave one of the best talks in our 13 year history. You were sensational, and got rave reviews across the board. You are a gifted speaker with an amazing message. Your transformational journey from a hard charging executive to a modern day apostle is breathtaking! You inspired us all!

Tom Loarie & A. Bardos, Catholics at Work, Bay Area of California

Outstanding! He’s an excellent speaker and very inspiring. One of the highlights of the entire Conference. He has great delivery -humorous but inspirational. That was really inspirational and great to see a layman taking hold of a problem, applying his expertise and talents, excellent. The room was packed, and well rewarded for our presence!”

Scot Landry, Archdiocese of Boston, Catholic Conferences, Inc.

Tom spoke to our Denver Legatus chapter, having been specifically requested by a number of our members. His presentation really electrified our group. It was fantastic. Tom is a captivating speaker, and has many great stories to tell. While he leverages off his expertise in delivering the Word through the media, I found his examples of the Holy Spirit working through his face-to-face witness particularly powerful. Tom is a rare individual and a rare talent. The work he has done to return, and bring, people to the true faith is incredibly inspiring. The ‘evangomercials’ he produces are beautifully done and the result of his work is even more beautiful. May God continue to bless his efforts.

Randy Hammond, Denver

Inspiring and refreshing! It makes you feel proud to be Catholic and motivates you to be more active in your faith and to encourage others to come Home! (1100 attended) Newark Men’s Conference 2015.

Jorge L. Repollet, Archdiocese of Newark NJ

Our executive team was very pleased with the 2014 conference, and we think that it was our best! Praise the Lord for you and your zeal and enthusiasm for the faith!

Paul Noto, Strong Men, Strong Faith Conferences of Alabama

“You a very powerful, moving speaker; you remind me of our Most Blessed Mother who said “Yes” to God perfectly.  Clearly you said “Yes” to God in faith, and you are now an inspirational presence of the Light of Jesus Christ shining in the darkness.  You’re not afraid to stand up and fight the good fight, and you are winning many souls for Christ.  We received a lot of feedback from the good men who attended our conference last October.  You had a significant impact on them which they won’t forget.  I know I won’t.  God speaks very powerfully through you, and I have no doubt He will continue.”

Jack Harrington, Connecticut Catholic Men’s Conference 2011

“You did great. The evaluations all give your talk very high marks. One person gave you an 11 out of 10.”

Bill Patenaude, Providence Evangelization Conference

“I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful talk and the gift of your time.  Your talk was well received as evidenced by the standing ovation!  You are a warrior for the Lord. I see lots of collaboration in our future!

Randy Hain, The Integrated Life

“I’ve been at 30-40 Theology on Tap talks over the past 4 years and yours was one of my favorites!”

John Riordan, New York

As good as we’ve ever had! ~ Very inspiring! ~ Great evening ~ Fantastic Night! Speaker was awesome! ~ Fabulous! ~ Relevant topic, too. Love the common sense topic. ~ Love speakers that do their talks without reading from notes. Tom’s talk was a great example of a well put together presentation and thought provoking topic.

Legatus of Lincoln, NE

What was important for those people to see is that a layman can be an effective apostle.”

Fr. Michael, Theology on Tap, NYC

Thank you for your inspiring presentation yesterday. I am grateful I could be present for your witness to Christ, and your challenges to us men to move beyond our comfort zones to bring the good news of Christ to others. Something we all need to hear.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Phoenix Men’s Conference

“Your informative talk on the work being accomplished through Catholics Come Home generated much enthusiasm. The commercials were enlightening, encouraging and left their mark on attendees. The Catholic leaders present mentioned how they enjoyed meeting you. A fantastic presentation!

Elizabeth Kenney, Exec. Director, Catholic Leadership Conference

“We have been so very blessed to have Tom speak at several of our Marian conferences.  We totally endorse all of his efforts to protect the lives of the unborn.  He has been an inspiration to so many, and so much good has been accomplished through his outstanding work in this ministry.  We thank Tom for protecting the lives of the holy innocents and for all he does to build up the kingdom of God.  May God continue to bless him and all that assist him in this most important ministry of love.”

Judy Webber, Board President, The MIR Center of Arizona

“Tom Peterson’s vision, passion and faith combine to produce a very dynamic and inspiring presentation on how to use television to evangelize and to build a culture of life and love.  Tom’s inspired work with Virtue Media and Catholics Come Home has been universally received by clergy and laity alike with a level of enthusiasm I have not seen in my 17 years of pro-life work.”

Greg Schleppenbach, Nebraska Catholic Conference

“Tom was an unbelievable blessing.  He offered flexibility, professionalism, and an amazing knowledge.  Expect nothing but quality and care from Tom.  As a speaker—he is the keynote.  His passion and excitement overflows into results and commitment.  Bottom line…he will take any project to the next level, and people cooperate and listen.  The greater good is always reachable with Tom’s optimism and Christ’s love shining from within him.”

Christi Dodson, Executive Director, Dayton Right to Life

“You were outstanding!”

Dan Becker, President, Georgia Right to Life

“Tom Peterson is doing what some consider to be impossible…he has taken the universal truths of hope and the dignity of human life to the television airwaves in a professional, sophisticated, and culturally adept way.  He has set a new standard for effective pro-life communication and those who are working to restore the sanctity of human life in their own communities would do well to consider what Peterson has to say and what he has to offer.”

Michael Janocik, A.D., Right to Life of Kentucky, Inc.

“Exceptional artistic talent in television production along with consistent dedication for protecting all human life make Tom Peterson, founder of Virtue Media, an outstanding leader in communicating the ideals of faith and family.”

Margie Montgomery, Ex. Director, Right to Life of Kentucky, Inc.

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