The CCH Ads are airing in IL – check-out this SUPPORTIVE e-mail response we received…

The TV ad campaign began airing yesterday in three dioceses in IL…and we are already receiving amazing, supportive e-mails – check this one out:

“YES!!! Just saw for the very first time a commercial on a major television network (NBC), during a break in the Ellen DeGeneres Show, a commercial PROMOTING CATHOLICISM !!! At 52, I’ve been a Catholic all my life, have been dismayed and disturbed at the apparent huge decline in number of Catholics (especially practicing ones), and the total absence of any positive portrayal in any media about the Church — in fact, it’s usually ANTI-Catholicism that’s disseminated to society by the liberal media. It’s LONG overdue to use the media to fight back, fight for our Church, fire with fire, and use marketing to restore our reputation and respect world-wide, and thereby maybe bring people back and GAIN the younger generations who are desperately in need of knowledge of God and his love for us, through the Catholic Church, but have taken in all of the bad press out there about the Church. It’s ABOUT TIME !!! Where has everyone been??!! Keep those positive messages coming!! The rest of society needs what we as a Church have to offer! It’s up to us to turn things around, and no longer be quiet about or embarrassed to say “I’m a Catholic!” With restored pride and hope for our future.

Thanks for your prayers and support for CCH!  You can view all the CCH TV ads at (to see personal testimonies, visit the ‘Real People, Real Stories’ section)