Catholics Come Home TV Series: Season 3 Episode List

We are blessed to announce the premier of our popular prime-time television series, called “Catholics Come Home”, that begins airing nationally this Labor Day weekend on EWTN!

Each week there will be three airings of our episodes.

  • The first is at 6pm ET on Sunday nights starting Labor Day weekend, Sept 3rd and features “Mr. Universe!” (See details below)
  • The next airing is at 11pm ET on Mondays (8pm prime time Pacific) starting Sept 4.
  • The third airing each week is on Saturdays at 5:30am ET starting Sept 9th.

So please tune in to watch on EWTN, or stream live on at the exact air time, or set your DVR to one of these times to record the series and each episode!

Episode List

Mr. Mick Souza – Mr. Universe Rediscovers Faith

Week of September 3rd, 2017
Episode 1 features “Mr. Universe 1992”, from Newport, Rhode Island, who led a life of carnal passion far away from God and his Catholic roots, but is now a Sunday school teacher and Eucharistic minister, who gets up every day at 2 AM to read an hour of scripture and the catechism!

Mrs. Tina Gregory – From New Age to Church Lady

Week of September 10, 2017
Episode 2 features a former new age San Francisco woman, who had a “pagan” wedding and whose son became a Satanist, but now the whole family is back to the Catholic Church. She works at her Catholic Parish, and her son is now considering the priesthood!

Mr. Tyler Lynch – Intellectual Evangelical Becomes Catholic

Week of September 17, 2017
Episode 3 features a young Millennial convert, who grew up as an intellectual Evangelical, but then studied his way home to the Catholic faith, and now teaches Classics at a Catholic high school in Denver!

Ms. Adair Ahrens – Flight Attendant Rediscovers Faith

Week of September 24, 2017
Episode 4 features a female flight attendant from Dallas who paralleled her life to that of Mary Magdalene, and who came home to Jesus and the church after seeing her son’s episode of Catholics Come Home on EWTN season one.

Dr Bernie Sy – Doctor Discovers God’s Healing Mercy

Week of October 1, 2017
Episode 5 features a Filipino internal medicine physician from Nashville, who had an affair on his wife and suffered deep depression, but then spoke of the healing mercy of God and the forgiveness of his family.

Ms. Amy Gore – Single Mom Chooses Life and God

Week of October 8, 2017
Episode 6 features a 41 year-old revert and single mother from Oregon, who worked her way out of welfare to obtain a college degree, and raise the daughter she had out of wedlock. She fought off people persuading her to have an abortion and chose life and to raise her child. She now volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center and is heavily involved in her Catholic parish.

Mr. Scott Blackstone – Pure Love Brings Police Officer Home

Week of October 15, 2017
Episode 7 features a former Auburn police officer, who left his Catholic faith to marry a Methodist, and finally returned to the Church years later, after the birth of a special needs son who taught him pure love.

Mr. Chris Roman – Hispanic Media Exec Rediscovers Faith

Week of October 22, 2017
Episode 8 features an Hispanic television executive, who managed or owned TV and radio stations in 10 cities throughout his career, but partially abandon his Catholic faith to live life in the fast lane. At age 59 he finally married, and had a holy Catholic wedding.

Ms. Judy Behrens – Great Grandma Rediscovers Church Family

Week of October 29, 2017
Episode 9 features a 77-year-old divorced great-grandmother from Arkansas, who returned to the Catholic faith upon seeing her son in law and nine family members return, thanks the Catholics Come Home and EWTN.

Mr. Remmington Stewart – Protestant Converts to Byzantine Catholicism

Week of November 5, 2017
Episode 10 features a 29-year-old former protestant from Indianapolis, who was hooked on pornography and alcohol, but found freedom from his addictions when he converted to the Byzantine rite of the Catholic Church. He now has a devout prayer life centered on Jesus Christ.

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