“Why Prayer is More Important than Eating”: A Reflection from Dr. Peter Kreeft

Dr. Peter Kreeft, CCH Theological Advisory Board member, writes in Prayer for Beginners:

“Eating keeps your body alive, and prayer keeps your soul alive. Praying is more important than eating because your soul is more important than your body. Your soul is more important that your body because your soul is you, your personality, your self…Prayer keeps your soul alive because prayer is real contact with God, and God is the life of the soul as the soul is the life of the body. If you do not pray, your soul will wither and die, just as, if you do not eat, your body will wither and die.” p. 11

Are you making prayer the most valuable part of your day? Prayer is when you connect with God, and feed your soul the food it needs to survive. Think about how you can place more focus on prayer in your life today.