WICU12 News in Erie, Pennsylvania Reports: "TV Ads Invite People Back to Catholic Church"

The Diocese of Erie is currently partnering with Catholics Come Home® this Lent to air commercials throughout the diocese, extending an invitation for viewers to return “home” to their Catholic faith.  See story below from WICU12 News in Erie:

Erie WICU12

TV Ads Invite People Back to Catholic Church

March 28, 2011
The commercials are all over the television airwaves. They’re part of a major campaign in the Diocese of Erie to invite fallen away Catholics to return to the Church. CLICK FOR VIDEO The diocese believes there are many people who feel the urge to return but need a nudge.

“The commercials are meant to kind of tap into people who are at that place, but not really sure where to go. How to get connected to a community. How to re-establish their contact with Christ in the sacraments. So this is meant to say, “Hey, this is an invitation that hopefully will resonate with where people are in their lives now,” said Fr. Chris Singer, Chancellor, Diocese of Erie.

The television commercials were financed by a special collection taken at all the churches of the diocese. That collection raised over $100,000.

“Pastors asked their people to support this effort. They explained what it was, explained the costs that would be involved in running these commercial spots. And people responded incredibly generously. It really was amazing,” Singer said.

The commercials are getting a positive response. Pastors are receiving calls from people who want to come back.  Parishes have developed programs for the returning members. Some of the programs are designed to deal with the conflicts that drove the parishioners away in the first place.

“The commercials are just the beginning. The real work actually happens in the parishes,” Singer said.

The ad campaign began less than a month ago, on Ash Wednesday. The Church hopes to see many people returned to the flock when the campaign ends on Easter Sunday.
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