Contraception, Infertility, and Other Sexual Issues

Why is the Catholic Church opposed to contraception? What does the Church teach about infertility drugs and treatments?

Contrary to what some Catholics may have told you, these issues are a big deal. The Catholic Church teaches that deliberately practicing contraception is a sin. But that’s not the end of the story. The first thing you should do before avoiding this important teaching that is meant to protect life and to protect you is find out why the Catholic Church teaches that contraception is wrong.

We recommend reading two key teaching documents:

Pope Paul VI’s teaching on Human Life and the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s discussion of the holiness of marriage.

Finally, take time to review some of the other resources we have provided here. Understanding and embracing the Church’s teaching on contraception can drastically and positively change your life, as it has many others.

Additional Resources

Church Teaching on Birth Control
The Problems with Contraception
What Does the Church Teach About IVF?
Cohabitation and Church Teaching

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