What does the Catholic Church teach about same sex attractions and gay marriage? Are homosexuals welcome in the Catholic Church?

Some men and women who struggle with same-sex attractions wonder if there’s any hope for them to be welcomed in or back to the Church. The answer to that question is an unambiguous “yes.”

The Church is here to help all of us live in the light of truth.

Read here what the Catholic Church says about homosexuals and homosexual inclinations. God calls each of us, whether homosexual or heterosexual, to chastity according to our circumstances in life. One helpful and effective ministry helping homosexual believers is Courage. We encourage you to explore the many excellent resources on their site.

To learn more about homosexuality in light of the Church’s teachings, please explore the following resources. Remember, the Church is modeled after Christ, and works to share the truth and spread love throughout the world to each and every human being. But we must take time to understand why the Church teaches what she does. Only then can we embrace the truth and live according to it.

Further Exploration

Additional Resources

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Truth & Love

12 Must-Read Quotes from Bishop Paprocki’s Same-Sex Marriage Homily

Watch the documentary: Desire of the Everlasting Hills

For those who have loved ones experiencing same-sex attraction, the EnCourage page is for you.

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