Atlanta (Roswell), GA, March 22, 2012—Pope Benedict XVI travels to Mexico and Cuba, from March 23-28, a trip based on the Pope’s conviction that “this is a precious time to evangelize” in Latin America and the Caribbean. In his homily during the December Mass which honored Our Lady of Guadalupe and celebrated Latin American and Caribbean independence, the Pope called for the New Evangelization to reach these countries and beyond.

Catholics Come Home® and its Spanish language television evangomercialshave also just arrived in Mexico, answering the Holy Father’s call for the New Evangelization. Catholic evangelization messages are appearing on TV screens in Mexico, inviting viewers to “come home” to the Catholic Church and to visit the CatolicosRegresen.org website to learn more.   This month alone, CatolicosRegresen.org has been airing various commercials from their Spanish language portfolio, about one hundred times in Mexico, and more airings are planned for the near future.

The Catholic evangelization commercials direct viewers to the CatolicosRegresen.org website, which features a welcoming message from Eduardo Verástegui, a popular Mexican actor, producer, and star of the movie Bella.  Verástegui shares his personal testimony (English / Spanish) of his journey back to his Catholic faith, after many years outside the Church pursuing a life of  “fame and material success”. The website CatolicosRegresen.org provides catechetical information and a parish finder for those in Mexico, the United States, and elsewhere.

Univision’s popular television program Primer Impacto (March 22, 2012 – 5:30 to 6:00 pm EST) features Verástegui sharing his insights on the upcoming Papal visit to Mexico and his role in helping Catholics Come Home® to spread the messages of CatolicosRegresen.org and the New Evangelization in his native country of Mexico.  Now a resident of Los Angeles, Verástegui shares his conversion story in English on the Catholics Come Home® website as well.

During the recent Christmas season, most Americans witnessed a first in television and Church history: the national, prime-time network debut of empowering bilingual Catholic
evangelization messages in English and Spanish, from Catholics Come Home®.  Spots feature the history, spirituality, and accomplishments of the Catholic Church.

These inspiring evangomercials were broadcast 546 times from December 12, 2011 to January 13, 2012, reaching viewers across the entire United States and airing in every diocese, on popular television networks including NBC, CBS, Univision, and numerous national cable networks.  Many ads aired in prime-time.  Nielsen data indicates that as many as 125 million viewers in the United States were exposed to the ads, an average of 9.7 times each.  Catholics Come Home® has also launched successful evangelization initiatives in 33 US dioceses and archdioceses, from Seattle to Chicago and Boston to Phoenix, helping to increase Mass attendance in many dioceses an average of 10%.  In dioceses with high Hispanic populations (Sacramento, Phoenix, Corpus Christi, etc.), Mass attendance has increased as much as 17.7% following the airing of Catholics Come Home® bilingual campaigns.

Catholics Come Home® continues to work in partnership with various dioceses to air local TV evangelization media campaigns during the seasons of Advent and Lent.  Future plans for the apostolate include developing and airing new commercials in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and internationally.


To receive a copy of the ad for media broadcast or to schedule an interview with Tom Peterson, President and Founder of Catholics Come Home®, please contact Yvonne Marchese, Executive Director, at 678-585-7886 x101, or by e-mail to yvonne@catholicscomehome.orgFor interviews in Spanish, contact Veronica Esquivia-Lee, at 678-585-7886 x104, or by e-mail, veronica@catholicscomehome.org.

CatholicsComeHome.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media apostolate, dedicated to producing and airing Catholic evangelism television ads on local, national and international television networks.  Catholics Come Home® is guided by a 26 person Advisory Board, including Cardinal Seán O’Malley, Bishop James Conley, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Bishop Michael Sheridan, Bishop Jaime Soto, and other highly respected theologians and Catholic business executives.

Evangomercial and Catolicos Regresen are trademarks of Catholics Come Home, Inc. Catholics Come Home® is a Federally Registered Trademark of Catholics Come Home, Inc.

“Welcome, pilgrims… You are at Home!” – Archdiocese of Chicago Blog

The Archdiocese of Chicago is kicking-off their second year of airing Advent CatholicsComeHome.org TV commercials in the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Diocese of Rockford, and the Diocese of Joliet beginning December 17, 2010. Peter Ductram is the Coordinator of Evangelization Initiatives for Hispanic Ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago, check out an excerpt from his latest blog post below:

arch chicago logo BLOG

Catholic Chicago Blog

Hosted by the Archdiocese of Chicago

December 2010

“Welcome, pilgrims… You are at Home!”

Peter Ductram, Archdiocese of Chicago

Peter Ductram, Archdiocese of Chicago

Advent is par excellence the time of hope, a time in which we, believers in Christ, nourished by prayer, are invited to remain vigilant and active expectation. The liturgical celebrations repeat and assure us the coming of God: God comes to permeate every aspect of our lives. He comes to every being and stirs the heart of those who may have closed their doors to hope. We are challenged to be vigilant of God’s concrete and continuous invitation to those who long for Christian joy, serenity and peace! We are invited to look at Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe most holy, and undertake spiritually with her our journey to welcome Christ.

The Archdiocese of Chicago Evangelization initiative, Catholics Come Home®, intends to remind to those in despair, God’s words, “Come to Me all those who are burdened… I shall give you comfort”(Mt 11:28). It’s time to return home. But Catholics Come Home® is also an intentional invitation to us, practicing Catholics, to open our hearts to be willing to listen to the many stories that will unfold from God’s knocking to those who are struggling and seeking to re-connect with the source of life, hope and truthful joy.

  • We will bring a message of hope through the media in Spanish, Polish and English: 1000 TV ads, YouTube weekly advent reflections and testimonies through Catholics Come Home®.

Let’s contemplate with Mary God’s coming to fill our hearts with His gifts. Let’s make the concrete and intentional pastoral approach to celebrate nuestra morenita on Sunday, December 12, stressing, creatively, the importance of Mary’s humble role in bringing the luminous mystery of Christ to the ever-needy world. If you need more information, or resources on how to make your parish more invitational, welcoming or accompanying, visit us at www.catholicscomehomechicago.org
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Visit CatholicsComeHome.org each day as part of your Advent preparation to grow in your faith and knowledge of Christ’s Catholic Church!  And please continue to pray for all dioceses who are partnering to air Catholics Come Home® commercials beginning this December, and for all those individuals away from the faith who will receive this invitation to return home!

Catholic New World Newspaper for the Archdiocese of Chicago reports ‘Next Catholics Come Home Effort begins Dec. 17'

The Archdiocese of Chicago is partnering with CCH once more to air a second round of commercials which will begin in less than 2 weeks!  The Catholic New World reports below:


Next Catholics Come Home® effort begins Dec. 17 This year’s ads emphasize personal nature of faith rather than church history

By Michelle Martin


The Archdiocese of Chicago will join the Joliet and Rockford dioceses once again to invite those who have left the Catholic Church to come home. This year, the invitation is more personal.

The three dioceses will again collaborate on a television advertising campaign starting in Advent. This time the centerpiece of the campaign, an ad called “Home,” and the ad called “Epic,” which ran last year, include video clips of people and scenes that will be familiar to Chicago- area Catholics, said Nancy Polacek, coordinator of Catholics Come Home® for the archdiocese.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, installed Nov. 23 in San Antonio, did the voice-over for the Spanish version of the Home ad when he was a Chicago auxiliary bishop, and a local Polish man voiced the Polish ad, Polacek said.

Personal invites

But just as important as the advertising campaign are personal invitations to church from practicing Catholics.

“Every person in every parish is on for an invitation,” Polacek said. “Father (Lou) Cameli says we are called to evangelize, but we don’t know what that means. It means connection.”

This year’s ads emphasize the personal nature of faith rather than the history of the church, Polacek said.

“We have this spiritual longing,” she said. “That’s what this ad (“Home”) appeals to.”
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Visit CatholicsComeHome.org each day as part of your Advent preparation to grow in your faith and knowledge of Christ’s Catholic Church!

What happens when the Catholic Church uses modern media to evangelize? – Archdiocese of Chicago Blog

The Archdiocese of Chicago is kicking-off their second year of airing Advent CatholicsComeHome.org TV commercials in the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Diocese of Rockford, and the Diocese of Joliet begining this December 2010. Nancy Polacek is the coordinator of CatholicsComeHome.org Chicago in the Office for Evangelization, check out her latest blog below:

arch chicago logo BLOG

Catholic Chicago Blog

Hosted by the Archdiocese of Chicago

October 2010

nancypolacekWhat happens when the Catholic Church uses modern media to evangelize?

According to surveys sent in after the Catholics Come Home ads went off the air last January, people really did “come home.”  Parishes reported that after the five weeks of television ads combined with their outreach efforts, more people were attending Mass and participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  An unexpected benefit to the television ads was that active parishioners felt a renewed sense of pride and Catholic identity because of the positive portrayal of the Church on TV.

Get ready for a new ad this year.  Once again you’ll see beautiful images and hear the signature music behind all of the Catholics Come Home ads, but this one may surprise people.  American television doesn’t usually send messages like, “simplicity brings joy and humility leads to happiness.”  While those statements are quite counter-cultural on their own, they will really stand apart when heard next to the usual Christmas advertisements that focus on buying more products to achieve happiness.

This year the focus on Catholics Come Home ads are part of the Archdiocesan evangelization efforts that will take a more personal approach.  The ad called “Home” mentions the peace and forgiveness that comes from faith.  Parishes will take advantage of this media event to promote ways that individuals can develop a deeper faith through prayer and the Sacraments.

The ads begin in mid-December, but the preparation in parishes has already begun this week.  There are eight Orientation sessions that will offer all the new aspects of Catholics Come Home Chicago to our 357 parishes.  The Parish Contacts will get materials and supplies so that their parish can join in this major evangelization initiative in the Chicago Archdiocese and the Dioceses of Joliet and Rockford.  Find out who your Parish Contact person is and ask how you can help to bring more Catholics back home.

Remember to:  “Keep the faith, but not to yourself!” – Share the CatholicsComeHome.org website with a friend today!


Catholics Come Home


(August 12, 2010) Roswell, GA—Catholics Come Home will premier their new TV commercial “Home” as part of the upcoming Chicagoland Advent 2010 television campaign.

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced today that the evangelization initiative, Catholics Come Home, will return in December for a second time on local television stations and in parishes throughout Cook and Lake counties. After a very positive response to last year’s outreach efforts, new commercials, combined with the interactive website, www.CatholicsComeHome.org, will bring the welcome message to all people, especially Catholics who have drifted from the practice of their faith. The Dioceses of Joliet and Rockford are again participating with the Archdiocese of Chicago in this follow-up to the Catholics Come Home evangelization initiative.

“Home” will air in English, Spanish, Polish and closed captioned for the hearing impaired.

Also debuting is a new commercial featuring Eduardo Verástegui, actor, producer, and star of the movie Bella.  In this testimonial commercial, Eduardo shares his personal testimony of his journey home to his Catholic roots after years outside the Church pursuing fame and material success.  This commercial will premier on Spanish language television in December, in Chicago, Joliet, and Rockford.

Catholics Come Home (CCH) is an independent, not for profit organization that invites inactive Catholics and others searching for a faith home to the Catholic Church.  CCH utilizes television commercials and interactive websites.  In response to twelve initial CCH campaigns and viral exposure of the website, the CatholicsComeHome.org website has been visited by over 1 million individuals from all fifty states and over one hundred countries, who were moved by the welcoming messages and website. Overall, the CCH TV messages have reached nearly 20 million television viewers across the United States, just since 2008.

To date, CCH campaigns have aired in twelve dioceses from Providence to Sacramento, Chicago to Seattle, helping to increase Mass attendance an average of nearly 11%, and welcoming a total of 200,000 inactive Catholics and converts home since inception.

Now, Catholics Come Home is inviting other families back to the Catholic faith across the country in 15 additional dioceses, including Boston, Atlanta, and many other dioceses and archdioceses.

By December 2011, CatholicsComeHome.org plans to begin airing on national US television networks and national cable systems, then internationally in the future.

The inspiring television and website advertisements are viewable at www.CatholicsComeHome.org.  “These messages are created and sponsored by lay Catholic families who have experienced a renewal of faith and who want to bring purpose and hope to other families across the country.  The results are nothing short of miraculous,” said Founder, Tom Peterson.


CatholicsComeHome.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media apostolate, dedicated to producing and airing Catholic evangelism television ads on local, national and international television networks.  EncouragePriests.org™ is a special communications outreach project of Catholics Come Home, Inc.

Archdiocese of Chicago: Catholics Came Home After Ad Campaign

Chicago Breaking News

Archdiocese: Catholics came home after ad campaign

June 30, 2010 5:12 PM

Mass attendance went up more than 8 percent in most parishes between October and February according to a count taken after a “Catholics Come Home” advertising campaign, according to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.

The evangelization effort, which ran between Christmas and Super Bowl Sunday, featured a series of 2,000 ads that aired on 16 channels. The ads included testimonials from lapsed Catholics who had returned to the church and mini-documentaries of the church’s historic presence around the world.

The message was that no matter what mistakes have been made, people can find forgiveness by going back to church.

The Chicago Archdiocese’s Office for Evangelization released the report on the attendance increase with the caveat that its Office of Research and Planning conducted the count at the beginning of Lent, when traditionally more people attend Sunday Mass.

Additional surveys distributed to pastors showed that 88 percent think the archdiocese should use media to evangelize in the future; 71 percent thought the initiative benefited their parishes; and 52 percent reported an increase in confessions.

The Catholics Come Home campaign  was a collaborative effort of the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Dioceses of Joliet and Rockford.

Archdiocese of Chicago Releases Summary Report Findings From Their CatholicsComeHome.org Diocesan Partner Initiative

Information from Responding Parishes Finds Increased Mass Attendance

Chicago, IL (June 23, 2010)– The Chicago evangelization initiative, CatholicsComeHome.org, has released a Summary Report indicating an increase in Mass attendance following a major media effort this past December and January that included 2,000 commercials that aired on ten local television stations and cable outlets.

The Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office for Evangelization recently released the report showing that between October 2009 and February 2010, average Mass attendance increased 8.1 percent at 269 out of 368 parishes and missions in Cook and Lake Counties that responded to the survey.  The Report noted that the Archdiocesan Office of Research and Planning conducted the special February attendance count at the beginning of Lent, when traditionally more people attend Sunday Mass.

The Chicago CatholicsComeHome.org Summary Report recaps the results of two separate surveys given to pastors and the designated parish program contact.  A total of 440 surveys from 201 pastors and 239 parish contacts provided the statistics for this report.  The survey evaluations by pastors and parish contacts were considered generally positive, with more than 90 percent of the parish contact people reporting that their parishes were positively engaged in, and enthusiastic about, planning for the initiative.  Additionally, two-thirds of responding pastors suggested that the CatholicsComeHome.org commercials be used again in the future.

Other survey findings from the 201 responding pastors include:

  • 88 percent think the archdiocese should use media to evangelize in the future
  • 71 percent thought the initiative benefited their parishes
  • 52 percent said there was an increase in confessions

The CatholicsComeHome.org diocesan partner evangelization initiative was a collaborative effort among the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Dioceses of Joliet and Rockford.  The viewing area for the ads consisted of 20 counties across northern Illinois.

Click here to read the entire Archdiocese of Chicago CatholicsComeHome.org Summary Report.

More great news in response to the Archdiocese of Chicago's CatholicsComeHome.org campaign

The Archdiocese of Chicago’s BLOG shares some of their most recent updates and results since their Advent 2009 CCH TV ad campaign:

“You may have seen experiences of speed and excitement while watching skiing events in the winter Olympics, but that is nothing compared to what’s been going on in the Office for Evangelization in the last 8 months!

It was mid summer when three dioceses (Chicago, Joliet and Rockford) began coordinating on an evangelization initiative called Catholics Come Home. The plan was to air 2,000 television ads in 3 languages over 10 stations in 5 ½ weeks beginning December 16 inviting Catholics to return to the practice of the faith. During the Fall our staff held training sessions for over 320 Parish Contacts, informational meetings for 650 parish receptionists and dozens of presentations at Parish and Deanery meetings throughout the Archdiocese, and we started our website.

During Advent, the phone calls and e-mails began coming in. Throughout January and February we have heard from many people who have come home to the Catholic Church. Each person brings with him/her a story of a difficult time in their lives though the outcome of their return is always a sense of peace and joy.

Now it’s March and Catholics Come Home Chicago keeps going and going and”click here to read entire blog

Visit CatholicsComeHome.org each day to grow in your faith this Lent.

Catholics Come Home already bearing some fruit – updates from Archdiocese of Chicago & Diocese of Rockford

CatholicsComeHome.org NEWS Update:

Check-out these two wonderful media stories about the ‘fruit’ that CCH campaigns in Northern Illinois are already bearing:

Click here to watch the full interview with Monsignor Eric Barr, Vicar for Clergy and Religious at the Catholic Diocese of Rockford, for his thoughts on the effectiveness of the Church’s “Catholics Come Home” media campaign.

Click here to read an article from the Archdiocese of Chicago’s ‘Catholic New World’ Newspaper about the early results of the CCH TV Ad campaign.

Visit CatholicsComeHome.org each day to grow deeper in faith and love of Christ’s Catholic Church this Lent!