To air in prime-time, worldwide on EWTN 

August 21, 2014– Atlanta (Roswell), GA — Catholics Come Home® will premier its high production quality, moving TV series filmed in over a dozen scenic locations in the US and Canada, called “Catholics Come Home” on EWTN Thursday night, Sep. 4 at 10 p.m. EST.

The series will consist of thirteen 30-minute episodes, each featuring an interview with someone who recently returned to Jesus and the Catholic Church as a result of Catholics Come Home and responding to the call of the Holy Spirit. Guests include former atheists, agnostics, Protestant Christians, and fallen-away Catholics who came home. The series will also air engaging segments on the New Evangelization in each of the half-hour episodes.Episodes will air every Thursday night at 10 p.m. EST, with additional airings at 6 p.m. EST Sundays. The series can also be viewed streaming live online at  After the series debuts in the U.S. and Canada this September, EWTN will begin airing the series internationally, starting in December. Over a dozen archdioceses and diocese are represented, since feature episodes are filmed on location in numerous North American cities, including: Vancouver, B.C.; Allen, TX; Providence, RI; New Westminster, Canada; Denver, CO; Tulsa, OK; Atlantic Highlands, NJ; Denton, TX; Farmington, MO; Austin, TX; St. Louis (Bonne Terre) MO; Philadelphia, PA; and Sturgeon Bay, WI.

The premier episode features Dr. Gloria Sampson, a former atheist and linguisticprofessor who taught in Communist China during the 1960s and 1970s. She discusses her recent return to the Church after 52 years away from God, thanks to seeing a Catholics Come Home commercial on TV in Vancouver, Canada.  This former atheist is now an active Catholic, who says: “all I want to do now, is evangelize!” Catholics Come Home® has released an exclusive 60-second series promo in anticipation of the premier episode.

In response to Pope Saint John Paul II’s proclamation, “Darkness can only be scattered by light; hatred can only be conquered by love,” Catholics Come Home® is sharing stories of Christ’s healing love and light, by means of this new, engaging TV series—just another one of the apostolate’s unique media efforts for the New Evangelization that has already helped over 500,000 souls home to Jesus and His Catholic Church.

To schedule an interview with Tom Peterson, President and Founder of Catholics Come Home®, please send email request to interviews in Spanish, contact Veronica Schnarre at 678-585-7886 x104, or by e-mail at

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More inspiration from Adrian: From Atheist to Catholic!

Earlier this week we e-mailed our CCH community a message sharing the conversion story of Adrian, a former atheist who became a Catholic after seeing a TV commercial.  Thank you for the many wonderful supportive responses we’ve received…we passed them along to Adrian, and he sent us the following gracious response:

“I saw the newsletter with my story, and I can not tell you how much that meant!  I share my story with many fellow Catholics and protestant folks whom I get to speak with face to face. I also roam the net sharing my story, and doing my best to defend the Church. I have been learning and reading more and more everyday into the faith, and with each day its growing stronger!

My little brother who is 17, had lost his way since 14, and 3 weeks ago he approached me to talk about the existence of God and the Catholic Church. We spoke for around an hour, and asked if could come with me and my wife to mass the following Sunday! He was baptized and confirmed Catholic already, and decided to make his first confession this Saturday.

He has really come along way, as I had too. I shared my experience with him, and explained my reasoning. As much as I tried to prove the faith was false previously, My faith instead grew, and grew. Thanks to your website which was Major part of myself returning to the Church! I have referred my brother to your website as well, and will talk with him about it this weekend.

Thank you to the Holy Spirit, and your website and effort I am home!  You have a hand here in Colorado!

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